Rae’s Story: ComiKaze 2013

There were a few people who held on for a little too long when grabbing a pic with me, and a few creepers who came up and asked me for a hug. Frankly I’m so a fan of people touching me after catching a vicious case of ConSars (103 fever for 3 days) after ComiKaze last year, but the pictures come with the territory, and even the huggy guys were mostly respectful and more just having a laugh.

It wasn’t a fellow attendee. It was a female security guard that really humiliated me beyond measure. She walked up to me while I was standing in a large group of people chatting, mostly men but a few children, and said, “Where the hell did you get those tits? Are they real?” At which point everyone who hadn’t been looking at my boobs now was. I tried to ignore it but she asked again if they were real and in an effort to make the spectacle stop I told her they were. She then asked if she could feel them. At this point a lovely gentlemen, dressed as a particularly sinister looking Joker, intervened and told her that just because we were dressed up does not mean we were not people under our costumes and makeup, and her comments were unacceptable, especially considering that as security she was one of the people that we were supposed to go to if we were experiencing people harassing us.

Apparently she did not appreciate the feeling of embarrassment I was experiencing because she then proceeded to attack me and insinuate that it was my intention for everyone to stare at them, she said, “if I didn’t want people to comment then I would have found a costume that covered them better.”

I will admit that my costume was rather boobalicious, and I was already feeling a bit exposed. I had gained 12lbs. since I made it, made the mistake of not doing a run through prior to arriving in San Diego, and the corset made me pop a bit more than usual. Strangely though the minute I hit the convention center all self-consciousness was erased by a couple who asked me to take a photo with their kids, and then a woman who asked to take a photo with me. Considering that a convention hall of however many thousands of people had managed to not obviously stare them down for two days, most people were more fascinated with my contacts, or if they did they were subtle and didn’t make any comments, I would have thought a female security guard would have been better than that.

I ended up taking a not inexpensive taxi ride back to my hotel rather than the free shuttle because I was so self-conscious after the exchange that I just wanted to crawl under a rock. Not to mention for the first time ever I was afraid to get on a bus by myself with a bunch of men. The wait for the taxi was the longest 8 minutes of my life. Luckily I had just made a bunch of purchases and I was able to kind of hide myself behind the giant bag from the t-shirt shop until I got back to my room.

I can say is that I’m thankful for a couple of things: # 1 that it happened on Sunday or I might not have dressed up again for the rest of the Con and #2 for that Joker, whomever he was. Batman can suck it the Joker’s my hero now.

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