Harasser Cards

HollabackPHILLY "Harasser Cards": Anti-street harassment messages printed on purse or pocket sized heavy-weight cardstock.


Wish there was a way to tell the person who wouldn’t stop staring at you on the subway to cut it out, without risking escalating the situation? A way to comfort the person you saw being harassed in a non-awkward way? Or a way to recruit more male-allies to the cause by giving them information while thanking them when they’re good bystanders?

Well, wish no more! We created “harasser cards” to make that all easier! Grab a set and you’ll be equipped to educate harassers about their behavior. If the circumstances are safe enough, you can give the harasser a card explaining to him what he did and how his behavior affects others. This allows you to hand off the Red card and walk away from tenser situations, or, if you’re comfortable, stay and have a conversation about what the harasser can do better in Yellow card situations! If you see a bystander stepping up and standing against harassment, you can even hand him a Blue card, thanking her/him, and even inviting him/her to keep having our backs!

Each order includes 15 of each colored card, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Cards are printed on high gloss, heavy weight cardstock so you can find them easily in your purse. They’re also eye catching to make them more likely to be taken when you try to hand them out!

If you have received this card, you just harassed someone. You crossed the line from respectful human interaction, to making a person feel scared and unsafe. If this was unintentional, visit GeeksForCONsent.org for resources on better ways to interact with people in public.

If you have received this card, you just harassed someone. What you may have viewed as a compliment was actually harassment, which makes the person you harass uncomfortable, as well as the other people around you witnessing the harassment. Your intentions may have been good, but in the future think of the situation from the other person’s perspective. For more information about how your behavior can make other people feel, read peoples’ harassment stories at GeeksForCONsent.org.

Thank you for stepping up and speaking out against harassment. Your courage has a domino effect, inspiring others to stand against harassment as well. If you’re up for taking it one step further, sharing this story with others in your life (and at GeeksForCONsent.org) will really ensure that domino effect of support! On behalf of every person who has been harassed when no one bothered to step in, thank you for having our back!