Claudi’s Story: Gencon 2013 (Indianapolis, Indiana) and NashCon (Nashville, Tennessee)

I’ve had similar incidents happen (in and out of costume) at previous GenCons, Games Days, and even at NashCon (Nashville, TN – HMGS tabletop gaming). When you tabletop game you can expose some cleavage, especially if you’re busty (which I am). I’ve had several guys walk up to the table and straight up take a shot of my breasts. Last year at GenCon some of the other gamers (guys) who were at the table with me actually yelled at the photo-taker and called him an asshat (which he was).

I don’t always notice, b/c I’m moving pieces and into the game. It really sucks to see tagged posts later that include your cleavage. At the after parties, there’s a real problem with guys grabbing your ass, rubbing against you, and saying whatever they please whether you’re in costume or not. They seem to think that if you’re a woman at a Con, you’re part of the display like a game piece. In fact, they get into more trouble by picking up a game piece without the refs approval then they do from grabbing another Con-goer’s ass or verbally assaulting a “booth babe.” I was with a group of women at the WOW booth and a guy walked up to one of the promo models and yelled “Got to FUCK it!” to her (South Park “Got to Buy it!” parody-style.) The security guard who was inches away did nothing. We yelled at him to STFU and he called us “lesbian whores.”

I’ve seen the same sort of thing at other Cons and I’ve even had my ass grabbed at games stores. Unless I’m with friends, I don’t go to games or comic book stores at night. If I’m alone, I’m always getting propositioned by mouth-breathers and if I say anything to the management, they tell me that “they were just joking, can’t you take a joke.” I’m fairly certainly they’d change their tune if they had some random guy lean his boner into their ass while they were going thru the comic bins.

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  • August 13, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    If anything like this happens at Nashcon, tell one of the gentlemen running the event and I’m confident they will not only ask the offending person to delete the photo but have them removed from the event. They are a very tight nit group–the host, several vendors, and many attendees are friends that look out for each other and their stuff with great care. This is one of the advantages of a much smaller con that is more focused on the gaming experience than their size. I’ve only attended one year, but I spent considerable time with them during their setup time because I need 10 to set up my gorgeous civil war battlefield. I saw first hand how they jump to to help people out and look after each other. You could tell that they went to great lengths making people feel both welcome, their families welcome, and to ensure patrons stuff would be secure. Next time this happens tell someone (do something about it) and see what happens and I think you’ll get your satisfaction.


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