Rae’s Story: ComiKaze 2013

There were a few people who held on for a little too long when grabbing a pic with me, and a few creepers who came up and asked me for a hug. Frankly I’m so a fan of people touching me after catching a vicious case of ConSars (103 fever for 3 days) after ComiKaze last year, but the pictures come with the territory, and even the huggy guys were mostly respectful and more just having a laugh.

It wasn’t a fellow attendee. It was a female security guard that really humiliated me beyond measure. She walked up to me while I was standing in a large group of people chatting, mostly men but a few children, and said, “Where the hell did you get those tits? Are they real?” At which point everyone who hadn’t been looking at my boobs now was. I tried to ignore it but she asked again if they were real and in an effort to make the spectacle stop I told her they were. She then asked if she could feel them. At this point a lovely gentlemen, dressed as a particularly sinister looking Joker, intervened and told her that just because we were dressed up does not mean we were not people under our costumes and makeup, and her comments were unacceptable, especially considering that as security she was one of the people that we were supposed to go to if we were experiencing people harassing us.

Apparently she did not appreciate the feeling of embarrassment I was experiencing because she then proceeded to attack me and insinuate that it was my intention for everyone to stare at them, she said, “if I didn’t want people to comment then I would have found a costume that covered them better.”

I will admit that my costume was rather boobalicious, and I was already feeling a bit exposed. I had gained 12lbs. since I made it, made the mistake of not doing a run through prior to arriving in San Diego, and the corset made me pop a bit more than usual. Strangely though the minute I hit the convention center all self-consciousness was erased by a couple who asked me to take a photo with their kids, and then a woman who asked to take a photo with me. Considering that a convention hall of however many thousands of people had managed to not obviously stare them down for two days, most people were more fascinated with my contacts, or if they did they were subtle and didn’t make any comments, I would have thought a female security guard would have been better than that.

I ended up taking a not inexpensive taxi ride back to my hotel rather than the free shuttle because I was so self-conscious after the exchange that I just wanted to crawl under a rock. Not to mention for the first time ever I was afraid to get on a bus by myself with a bunch of men. The wait for the taxi was the longest 8 minutes of my life. Luckily I had just made a bunch of purchases and I was able to kind of hide myself behind the giant bag from the t-shirt shop until I got back to my room.

I can say is that I’m thankful for a couple of things: # 1 that it happened on Sunday or I might not have dressed up again for the rest of the Con and #2 for that Joker, whomever he was. Batman can suck it the Joker’s my hero now.

Miko’s Story: BronyCon 2014

I’m telling this story on behalf of my 14 year old friend Haley. She went to Bronycon as a chaperone for her mlp obsessed younger sister. She was sitting alone at a bench while her sister was buying something when an older man approached her and kept talking to her, asking about her and telling her about himself. He asked her to be his date to the pony gala tomorrow. She was looking for an excuse to get away but he wouldn’t leave her be. He kept asking for her number. She got away with just getting his email and saying she’d contact him later. But he still said he would come looking for her tomorrow. I told her to tell a staff member if he came up to her again.

Claudi’s Story: Gencon 2013 (Indianapolis, Indiana) and NashCon (Nashville, Tennessee)

I’ve had similar incidents happen (in and out of costume) at previous GenCons, Games Days, and even at NashCon (Nashville, TN – HMGS tabletop gaming). When you tabletop game you can expose some cleavage, especially if you’re busty (which I am). I’ve had several guys walk up to the table and straight up take a shot of my breasts. Last year at GenCon some of the other gamers (guys) who were at the table with me actually yelled at the photo-taker and called him an asshat (which he was).

I don’t always notice, b/c I’m moving pieces and into the game. It really sucks to see tagged posts later that include your cleavage. At the after parties, there’s a real problem with guys grabbing your ass, rubbing against you, and saying whatever they please whether you’re in costume or not. They seem to think that if you’re a woman at a Con, you’re part of the display like a game piece. In fact, they get into more trouble by picking up a game piece without the refs approval then they do from grabbing another Con-goer’s ass or verbally assaulting a “booth babe.” I was with a group of women at the WOW booth and a guy walked up to one of the promo models and yelled “Got to FUCK it!” to her (South Park “Got to Buy it!” parody-style.) The security guard who was inches away did nothing. We yelled at him to STFU and he called us “lesbian whores.”

I’ve seen the same sort of thing at other Cons and I’ve even had my ass grabbed at games stores. Unless I’m with friends, I don’t go to games or comic book stores at night. If I’m alone, I’m always getting propositioned by mouth-breathers and if I say anything to the management, they tell me that “they were just joking, can’t you take a joke.” I’m fairly certainly they’d change their tune if they had some random guy lean his boner into their ass while they were going thru the comic bins.

Calico’s Story: Comic Con International (San Diego) 2014

Jamie’s Story: Fanime Con 2014

My underage friend was dressed as Touhou and she told me that an adult male commented on how “sexy” she was and then he grabbed her boobs and ran away. I was infuriated and asked her to give me a description of the guy so I could tell security to look for him. She refused to tell me and blew it off as “It’s fine, it has happened to me before.” This made me even more mad, but I tried to calm down and just be supportive of her.

Hannah’s Story: Metrocon 2014 (Florida)

I was dressed as Lady Loki at Metrocon 2014 in Tampa, FL. I was walking through artist alley with my sister when a group of guys (all dressed as Deadpool) came up along side us. One of them shouted “Hey look! Loki’s horny!” and started ‘jacking off’ my Loki helmet. I was mortified and when we tried to get away they just kept following us yelling obnoxiously (attempting to be in character) “What you gonna do Loki? You can’t kill us!”

Kamokuu’s Story: ColossalCon 2014

I was cosplaying with friends, and I was dressed as Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda. My story starts with my standing around chatting with a friend near a concessions stand at the convention/hotel when all of the sudden I felt hands grab my face and jerk my head away from the conversation I was having only to be face to face with a drunk buffoon who then said “I’ll never get another chance to do this!” at which time he proceeded to try and put his mouth on me. Thankfully I had enough time and whit about me to put my hand on his mouth to keep him from putting his mouth on me.

My friend (also a girl) who was horrified was trying to shove him off of me, and I punched him in the ribs with my other free hand a couple of times when my own attempts to push him away weren’t successful. Eventually, realizing he wasn’t going to be able to get what he wanted he took off running outside, at which time my friend took off her heels and chased after him in her bare feet. During the pursuit, she witnessed this guy blindside 4 other unsuspecting, cosplaying, women who were not as lucky as I was and unfortunately he put his mouth on them. She eventually lost sight of him and returned to our group. After filing a report with the con security we were told that if we saw him to come and get one of them. So as it so happened, much to my surprise, when we went outside to do a photoshoot some time later, we DID spot this guy again, and he, and his buddies were taking creeper pictures of my friend and I from a distance and making us feel very uncomfortable as they stood at a distance and just stared at us. My friend snuck off and got security. We watched a couple of security members come outside, identify the suspect, and the head of the con security approached him, spoke with him, and left.

Naturally having just been physically violated, I was shocked that this pervert was left standing there. So I went back to the security office at which time I witnessed a staff member in there joking around and asking if I was there about the “Serial Kisser”. Now being rather hot blooded over the blatant belittlement of being assaulted by someone along with a number of other women, I demanded to know why after putting his hands on me and trying to force himself on me and others, ruining my convention, he was still at large, allowed to be there and have a good time. So the head of security appeared and basically brushed me off saying that it was my word (and my friend’s and the other women for that matter) against his and that they told him that if he did it again they were going to take his badge away.

I am still furious about this. Not only is it violating, disrespectful, degrading, and disgusting but realistically that jerk could have been doing that to spread herpes or other diseases to people. Knowing or unknowing. This isn’t the days of the cavemen. You should not be permitted to just grab a girl up and force yourself on them, drunk or socially awkward or messed up in the head, or “you asked for it for dressing like that in public” I don’t care what excuse people use. There used to be a line that separated us from animals, who cant control themselves, but I am seeing that line becoming more and more blurred. I was not dressed up in a provocative cosplay, and even if I was, I shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to a convention, or anywhere and be afraid that some animal is going to try and do something to me against my will. But now I am, and I am not an easy person to scare. But I look over my shoulder now and stand with my back to a wall at cons and in public because of what happened and that’s a shame. No girl should ever have to worry about their safety. I am a huge advocate for having real security, or police present at these events because frankly, con security is either useless or a bunch of primeval cave dwellers that some how think that not only is that kind of behavior okay, but its also something to be made fun of and belittled. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.