Alicia’s Story: Anime Oasis 2008

I’m well aware how I appear physically, I’m tall with a rather buxom figure, and I’m proud of who I am. The convention that I was attending at the time I decided to cosplay Tsunade from Naruto, I had done the work! Put time into my costume, I made sure my wig was perfect, that I had my makeup and attitude down for when it came to photos or cosplay skits etc. I was excited to go nonetheless and see all my friends. The day of the convention I arrive in style! I’m in cosplay as I head in, sign up, recieve my badge, and go off to enjoy the rest of the three-day con. It was only till the nearing evening hours I was approached by a guy.

I had plans to go to dinner with my friends, and I don’t take the offer of him treating me out to dinner as what was wrong. It was only after I declined to go to dinner with him that it took a turn for the worse. It was at once I was met with a barrage of questions as to: why I didn’t want to go, was he not good enough for me, was I already sleeping with other attendees, why not have sex with him, I’m just being a prude and prefer jerks over nice-guys. After I had that thrown in my face I retreated, and decided to enjoy the convention at the OTHER END OF THE CONVENTION! Despite myself literally walking away, I found that he was following me… maybe 8 feet behind me at all times. This made me feel that I was not safe anymore at the local convention; at one point I had gone in with a group of girls to the restroom and he had followed and waited outside for me. I asked the girls inside if they could check to see if he was still there, when they told me he was, and that he was asking for when his girlfriend was coming out, I knew security needed to be involved. After leaving with a group of girls, I made my quick escape with him RIGHT BEHIND ME!

Sadly, con-ops is located at a rather secluded area of the convention area, at this point he tried to come in and say, “I thought you were going to dinner? Knew you lied to me. Come on, I’ll be gentle.” I turned away from him, found a friend that was working security and told him EVERYTHING! Thank-Odin for security as they told him if he doesn’t stop he will be told to leave, and any physical contact with me could result in police involvement. The matter was settled, but it left me shaky for the rest of the convention and changed my outlook on cosplay and conventions. After that, I always travel with someone or am not far from my husband.

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